• The world is changing and the lifestyle of Orthodox Jewish families is at risk like never before. The internet is a powerful force that brings with it a lot of benefits, but at the same time is threatening the Hashkafah and upbringing of today's youth. The road ahead is full of challenges and we need to work together to prevent a disaster.

    As many smart Rabbanim and leaders have pointed out, there is no sense in blocking out the noise and pretending like it doesn't exist. The internet is here to stay, and is only growing with each passing day. The internet is now available to make life easier at every interaction throughtout the day, and will only continue to grow from here.

    Hipsh is here to help close the gap between completely ignoring the threat, and offering the internet in a Kosher way.

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The eText program allows our community members to take advantage of email on the go without the need to have a smart phone. Once you sign up with eText, you can receive your emails via text message or fax.

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